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These speaking sessions can be 1-4 different speaking engagements based on your objectives.

Are you ready to elevate your key salespeople but are not sure where to start? I've got you! I create customized speaking engagements to target your goals and objectives for your team.

Together, we can: 


  • Discover your sales team's brand

  • Uncover blind spots and how to work on them

  • How to build rapport before talking to a client

  • Tactics to overcome client obstacles

  • Understand client personalities and how to approach each one

  • Networking tools to always obtain ROI


This topic is 60 minutes in length. 


This focuses only on the personality traits and ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) and how your sales teams personalities can either click or clash with their clients.

Here is an example of some of the topics:

  • How understanding personality traits makes the client's decision easier

  • Strategies on how to manage clients using real-life examples

  • How to deal with difficult clients and the tools to make it easier

  • How to define your ideal client avatar and why that matters



This topic is 60 minutes in length.


You attend a networking event or conference, you get so many business cards and meet some great people with killer business opportunities. You follow up once, maybe twice and it's crickets.  Nothing! What did you do wrong? How can you get back in the door?

Your sales team will learn:

  • Networking hacks to improve confidence and make networking fun

  • 4 follow-up tips that have a 90% return

  • Turning those cards into actual leads


Matching undiscovered talent to the right brand to grow your business.


Finding the right talent to fit your company brand and culture can be a challenge.  I will work with you to understand your culture, values, and growth plan to find the right match.

My 5-step process:

  • Discovery of values, culture, role, and growth. 

  • Curate the match with the job description, pre-screens, and exercises including rubric scoring.

  • The connection with the client of the top 3 candidates to interview.

  • The offer including reference checks I would like to hear from you.

  • The match in which we discuss onboarding and transition is included in the final offer. 

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